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CAS - 2021

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Hungary - CAS project

In this project we wanted to capture everyone’s attention regarding Hungary’s progress in terms of sustainable development. We did this by taking into consideration the outline of the United Nations, in which 17 goals are laid out with the aim of developing our world in a sustainable way. In this project we did not only want to concentrate on what Hungary has already achieved, but also point out some improvements that could be made. During the years that we’ve spent in the IB, we have learned to critically evaluate the aims and possible solutions of rising problems. This project gave us the opportunity to apply our skills in an issue that concerns us personally on a national and global level. We created 8 posters that highlight the most important points regarding this topic, and collected a list of sources that can enrich your knowledge regarding this issue. We hope that this will positively contribute to our society and a better future.        

 -Dora and Réka


Goals 1 and 2 

Goals 3 and 4

Goals 5 and 10

Goals 6 and 14

Goals 7 and 9

Goals 8 and 16

Goals 11 and 12

Goals 13 and 15



CAS - 2020

As part of their CAS activities, the IB students of the school would like to offer their help to their fellow Kőrösi students. Through their project, they offer help with reinforcement and practice sessions, and they can also help with preparation for tests and exams.
The list of IB tutors with their contact information and subjects offered can be found on a website they created for this purpose.


Group 4 project - 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic hand sanitizers were a practical alternative for handwashing (a way to keep sanitized and virus free, aside from staying inside and wearing masks), so we gathered information on the kinds of hand sanitizers and decided to compare and contrast them. We looked at the pros and cons of each, and then categorized them based on preferences and needs. Finally we also compiled a video showing people how one can make their own custom hand sanitizers due to it being a scarce resource at that time.



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