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Emese Juhász

It is not success that makes you happy; it is happiness that makes you successful.” 

(Unknown author)


We, parents and teachers ultimately wish that our children become happy and contented adults. For this, they need to learn who they really are and what potentials they have, and they must find their motivation for personal growth and development.

In my opinion, teachers have an immense role in helping students to form healthy personalities. We must set a positive example and help the kids to learn to be contented and happy. Whatever we do, we must demonstrate gratitude, acknowledgement, humility, perseverance and optimism.

The IB Diploma Programme is meant to combine these two: unlike the traditional Hungarian education system, it gives greater freedom and autonomy to students, while it also motivates them to become exceptionally independent, active and creative individuals. By the end of the two-year Diploma Programme, IB students will have learnt applicable knowledge and developed skills that are useful in many areas of their life. Thus, I believe that IB DP graduates can be successful everywhere. The role of IB instructors is unusual, too: they function as “facilitators,” rather than traditional teachers. Staying in the background, they help and guide their students, while they let them develop their own personalities and find their potentials. I think this is the greatest asset of the IB DP: it gives children an excellent opportunity to discover their limits and test themselves, which may give them wings as they enter adulthood.

Why Kőrösi?

Kőrösi was a kind of love at first sight: when you can’t explain why, but you know that it’s going to be good there. I was captured by its value system, its aspiration for quality, and its vigour; I could sense its enthusiasm and desire for development. All of this was combined with a very hospitable, respectful and friendly environment, which inspired my confidence. And confidence is the foundation of all fruitful effort.

Why IB?

I am looking forward to teaching in the IB DP: I personally consider it a challenge and an inspiration. First of all, I love teaching in a foreign language, and it is especially great that I will be able to teach a science subject in English. The IB DP presents chemistry to children at its most attractive: as a subject inspiring empirical experience, logic, and the realization that what we learn about is actually present in our everyday lives. I would like to help the children to bring out the best in themselves, and develop into open-minded and curious people. It is very important for me to make them realize that their opinions count, and to motivate them to come to school, since it is a formative period in their lives.