Our team

Krisztina Ney

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

(Vincent Van Gogh)


I’ve been extremely fond of biology, living creatures and nature ever since I was a child. I took a career turn to teaching after ten years of research because in this profession I can share my passion with others. I would like to make my students grasp some of the complexity of natural laws and enable them to marvel at the wonders of life. Understanding the laws of nature also helps students to realize that we are all responsible for the other living beings of Earth, and the environment that we leave behind to the next generations will depend on what we do with it today.

I like being surrounded by students: I’m always energized by their original thinking and youthful enthusiasm. I think that teaching can only be successful if teachers treat students as their equal partners and clearly communicate their goals. I take pleasure in having a conversation with the students on any kind of topics; I feel greatly honoured when they share their thoughts with me.

Why Kőrösi?

Why Kőrösi? Because I appreciate the student-centred approach that I can find here.

Why IB?

I first came across the IB system four years ago, but its philosophy soon captured my attention. I teach biology and bionomics (human ecology) in this programme. I think the IB DP is unique because it focuses on several aspects of the students’ personality development. The program provides an opportunity to do activities apart from the simple transfer of knowledge, so the students are not just passive recipients of information but are actively engaged, by way of individual and group activities, in shaping their learning process, which culminates in a successful exam. They learn through projects, which motivates them to become independent, fulfil their creativity, and experiment with new things, while it also gives them practical knowledge that they can utilize later in other areas of life. So I’m looking forward to the launch of the IB DP at Kőrösi.