About us

Our facilities

The school was built in the great school development era of 1909-1910 under the term of mayor Géza Bárczi. It first housed a primary school called “Szentendre Street School,” and although various institutions have operated under its roof, it has always given home to a school.

The building is indeed quite old; however, we put great emphasis on the development of its facilities. In the past few years, each classroom has been equipped with a projector and speakers in order that classes may become more interactive. We continuously expand and develop the school library, too, to keep its holdings up-to- date, so from Academic Year 2017/2018 on, the students have access to online library resources, as well. As part of the developments related to the launching of the IB Diploma Programme, we also set up a new science lab on the premises. 
As a result of the school’s rapid development and expansion in the past few years, we soon outgrew the original school building, so, with the help of the Hungarian Baptist Aid, we acquired the neighbouring building, which had also been part of the historical school premises. The new school wing, which is to be inaugurated in 2018, will also hold a smart classroom. So far we have invested more than 26 million forints into IB-related development projects.