About the IB

Benefits of an IB Diploma

"The IB Dimploma Programme has been an essential cornerstone of my intellectual development, forcing me, perhaps for the first time, to deeply engage with the vital importance of the multitude of contexts that ultimately influence all aspects of knowledge. Encouraging me to work on my written, oral and research skills, the program has aided me both in my academic and professional pursuits, placing me on equal footing with my pears at the beginning of my university education. It is a unique community that played a central role in preparing me to continue following my goals after high school." (Vladislav Maksimov)

First of all, the two years spent in the IB DP taught me patience, which is vital if you want to achieve success both in high school and in college. It takes patience to realize that hard work will pay off in the end, and that if you don’t succeed at first, you shouldn’t give up even after the fourth or fifth attempt, because sooner or later you’ll be able to catch up with the rhythm. So if you go for an IB Diploma, be patient to yourself, as well as your peers and teachers, because that’s the only way to go.” (Laura Patik)

"The most important thing IB gave me is that I am not only allowed but also encouraged to think critically, which in the traditional Hungarian education system is not an idea supported by many. It enabled me not to be afraid to say my opinion even if it contradicted my classmates or even the teachers. It encouraged individuality and originality through assessments in different aspects, but in every subject. This individuality is highly valued at universities as well as in real life. It was not easy at all, but it was definitely worth it and made my first year at university much easier compared to those who were studying the same modules in the UK but came from the traditional Hungarian education system." (Nemes Szeréna)

"I knew from the beginning that IB is what I needed. For me, the goal was always to study at a well-known university abroad and IB is what helped me get there. During IB, it was not easy meeting all the deadlines, writing the assignments and essays however, it was exactly this that prepared me for university teaching standards. Not only was I able to adapt very rapidly to the course load and fast-paced environment; I also received 18 transfer credits towards my university degree. It made my life much easier in first-year because I could take fewer courses, which gave me more time to meet new people and enjoy all the other fun things in university. IB is one of the best decisions I’ve made that helped me set a strong foundation for my post-secondary education. And because I was able to get into a top ranking university in Canada, it has then set another solid layer for my future career. I encourage everyone to take IB because it will definitely open more doors for your future and prepare you for higher education." (Vanessa Song)

"Participating in the IB programme was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has taught me critical thinking, the ability to learn independenty but also a global mindset that I am able to leverage to this very day. It helped me excel at university, and it even gave me a skills set that enabled me to get a year-long internship at a prestigious bulge-bracket investment bank. The IB is a unique opportunity whose benefits will stay with you for many years to come - it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I can recommend from the bottom of my heart." (Szekeres Benjámin)

"Completing the IB contributed significantly to my university experience, the program provides an excellent preparation for college. I took higher level English, Economics and History and standard level Physics, Hungarian and Math. The course requirements were very similar to requirements at college classes. Students must be able to take responsibility for their studies, it is not an easy program and you have to be sufficiently motivated to succeed. By consistently studying I could score 42 points, enabling me to study first at Copenhagen Business School and subsequently at the University of South Florida where I completed my Bachelors in Accounting. The IB introduces students not only to core curriculum but also to community services, Theory of Knowledge, and writing, through the Extended Essay. Meeting these requirements provides a strong foundation for success in college and it will even be helpful with recruiting. My advice is to set a goal for yourself early on and work towards it with tremendous determination. If you are willing to sacrifice, and are not afraid of pulling all-nighters the program will pay off. I highly recommend the IB to all students, it teaches you responsibility, enables you to acquire a valuable knowledge early on in your studies, and it develops writing and critical thinking skills, making students well rounded." (Zakota Márk)