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In the IB Diploma Programme grading in each subject is on a scale of 7. The only exceptions are the Extended essay and Theory of knowledge which are graded on a scale of 5 (A-E).

The final grade of each subject is formed from the results of various components of the exam, some of which are evaluated internally, while others are assessed externally. The written exams taken at the end of the 2-year programme are accompanied by oral exams in the case of literature and languages, and in all subjects there is also a written work the students have to produce in the course of the programme.

The finals grades of the six subjects make a total of maximum 6×7, that is 42 points. An additional 3 points can be obtained for the combination of the Theory of knowledge and the Extended essay, making the maximum total 45 points.

A diploma is awarded if the student obtains a minimum of 24 points, and

  • meets the requiremtns of Creativity, activity, service,

  • meets all deadlines in the chosen subjects, Extended essay and Theory of knowledge,

  • the grades obtained for the Extended essay and Theory of knowledge are not E,

  • no grade 1 is obtained,

  • at most two grade 2s are obtaied,

  • at most three grades are 3 or below,

  • in the higher level subjects minimum 12 points are obtained (in case of four higher level subjects the three best results add up to min. 12),

  • in the standard level subjects minimum 9 points are obtained (in case of only two standard level subjects minimum 5 points).

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