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Dr Márk Huba

And so I came to believe that ’truths’ don’t exist as we know them;

I think that everything is either an image or a poem.
Tsuang Tsi dreams the butterfly – that’s how it now seems –
the butterfly dreams him, and the three of us are but my dreams.

Lőrinc Szabó: The Dream of Tsuang Tsi (Transl. by Adam Makkai)



I have always been attracted to schools. At an early age, I already had ideas about how to do things differently, or maybe in the same way, as I experienced them at school, in the course of my studies. When I was a student, everything seemed much simpler; now I find that each 45-minute playtime is a much greater challenge when you’re responsible for managing and leading a group.

I like reason and sensible people, good questions and exciting problems. A great class is characterized by a combination of all of these aspects.

What I really enjoy about literature is that everything is possible in a text: fiction can break the boundaries of reality, and reality may become part of fiction. Possibly the best aspect of reading literature and acquiring culture is that we can come up with interpretations together, as a great discussion gives way to multiple meanings that develop from individual readings. It is a never-ending story: we can never exhaust language; there’s just a beginning to each text, discussion or discourse...


Why Kőrösi?

This school has a philosophy and values that I can identify with. In my opinion, we can rely and build on traditional values such as knowledge and integrity to form our future. And the fate of our future and world depends on the present we form now, and the environment that we create for ourselves. No one else will bear our cross for us.


Why IB?

IB’s philosophy has the closest affinity to poststructuralist readings of literature. Students in the IB DP come to interact with the texts, while they discover and formulate meaning and their own subjectivity at the same time. This has the promise of a real challenge.