Our team

Bettina Rudi

There is no such thing as a failure, only delayed success.”


My love of the Spanish language and culture urged me to fly to Madrid after high school, where I worked as an au-pair for a Spanish family for a year. I feel lucky because this job made it possible for me to take away and cherish a little piece of Spanish culture, and I’m glad that it is always with me when I teach the language.

Languages and teaching mean energy to me, which I believe can be given to others, so my aim is to “transfer” this energy to as many students as possible. As a language teacher I also endeavour to make my students enjoy the learning environment that the Spanish language and culture create, even though the expectations may seem too high sometimes. I would like to give them practical knowledge that they can use later in life.

My philosophy for life as well as language learning is: “There is no such thing as a failure, only delayed success.”

Why Kőrösi?

I’m attached to Kőrösi mostly because of its friendly atmosphere and multilingualism. The languages we teach at the school open up the world to the students by enabling them to learn about various cultures and making new goals and dreams more attainable for them. It’s a great experience to work in tandem with my students and colleagues to achieve these goals and fulfil these dreams.

Why IB?

I think that the IB Diploma Programme teaches students to be reflective, independent, compassionate, inquisitive and curious about the world. It develops their competences so that they can be successful later at international colleges and universities. The language is obviously a means to this end, and not the end itself: it enables students to learn and think in Spanish. I’m glad I can be of help in this process and that I can work in an international environment.