Our team

Zsuzsanna Lavaj

They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

(Carl William Buehner)


I started my career as a language teacher. I’ve been teaching for almost 15 years now, and in the meantime, I keep learning new things myself. Teaching is a job as well as a hobby for me. Learning a language is not an easy task, but the road to knowledge can be made easier and more enjoyable, so that we forget we’re actually doing something we have to do for school. In order to realize the importance of learning a language, we must use it right from the start. I think I can give you a lot of help in this, so that you can practice the language in real-life, everyday situations. As travelling and meeting new people and cultures is another hobby of mine, I would also like to encourage you to join me if you feel like it. Throughout my career I have managed numerous projects related to travelling and language learning. Learning a language this way gives you an unforgettable experience: you will gain knowledge and become the master of something great, and you won’t even notice it! I am here to provide assistance on the way.

Why Kőrösi?

For several years, Kőrösi has given priority to language learning, so I’m convinced that those students who have chosen this school made the right decision, and will surely gain a lot of great experiences while studying here.

Why IB?

Obtaining knowledge and understanding, gathering information and forming a critical opinion about a specific subject or issue is a unique thing. If we do the same in a language other than our mother tongue, the free expression of our personality, knowledge, experience and opinion is exhilarating, while it presupposes such a great degree of synthesizing whatever knowledge and information we possess that we are rarely given the opportunity to do so. I taught economics in English for many years. Now I would like to transfer this knowledge by using new approaches and methods within the framework of the IB DP so that I can help the students to develop a more complex and nuanced world view.